5 benefits of medical stay in short term apartments Toronto

There are many rental companies offer their short term apartments Toronto for medical stay. Some of them have their very own suites specially designed for the patients’ stay along with their family members. The rooms are equipped with all the amenities that chronic patients require when they under medication such as oxygen masks, cylinder, BP machines and even the beds are movable just like the hospital beds so that they can be easily transferred to the nearby hospitals when required.

These services are mainly taken by the patients’ families when they travel interstate or to an international destination for the treatment of the patient suffering from any serious disease. Let’s explore some of the top benefits of the medical stay in the short term furnished apartment for rent Toronto.


The short term furnished apartment for rent Toronto offering one-stop medical stay at maryam suites are mostly strategically located at a close proximity to the local hospital or the doctor’s clinic under whose prescription the patient is transferred to that location. Usually, ambulance services and the local public transports are available from the rental residences where the patient family is residing.

Facilities & Amenities

Services offering temporary stay for the out-of-town patients, prepare their furnished apartments Toronto with the latest medical amenities required for all the patients as well as their family or friends staying with them. Besides offering the sanitation tools and important medical facilities, the service providers also arrange some facilities for the family members staying with the patients. The suites have modern kitchen facilities with all the latest gadgets required to cook starting from the ovens to chimneys, pots, pans, utensils and so on. They also keep TV, room heater or AC facilities. All the rooms are pre-furnished with furniture such as comfortable beds, sofas, chairs recliner for the patients and so on.

Housekeeping and tidiness

People taking the short term apartment rentals in Toronto for their medical stay are confirmed with proper sanitation and regular housekeeping services. As a matter of fact, where a patient suffering from a chronic disease is staying, the place has to be completely dust free and free from any kind of untidiness and filth. Therefore, the medical stay providers have to be extra careful with the cleanliness and housekeeping services.

24/7 assistance-

When a family is living with a patient, they may need a 24/7 assistance to help them call a doctor or ambulance. The rental services offer such facilities to them. Most of the top-notch medical stay offering short term apartments Toronto show their responsibility towards the service they are offering by appointing 24/7 vigilance of a customer service provider in person when they have given the suites on rent to patients suffering from serious apathies.

Complete Security-

The rental companies hire professional security guards for their properties they are offering on rent. Usually, the housing estates and the condominiums have their own private security systems , still for the patients, the rental company offering the temporary medical stay for the patients can appoint a separate security guard to help the families during any crises.

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