How to decorate a log cabin house

Once you are done building the log homes it is time to start thinking about the interior design of the home. Make sure everything fits perfectly and make a good choice about the colors and the furniture. If you have any doubts it is always a good idea to have a consultation with an expert or read in magazines about how to decorate your homes. Magazines about interior decoration always look so perfect, because the rooms were decorated by real professionals.

When viewing photos of idyllic furnished apartments, it seems like it’s so easy to perform the same thing, but in reality it is much more difficult. This is because the designers know how to use certain tricks, but here are a few tips that will turn your home into adream space.

If you are installing several different frames with photographs in the hall, it should be noted that smaller frames should be spaced about two centimeters, a larger and more robust frames about five centimeters. You cannot make a mix, be careful anddo everything in accordance. Mixing small and big frames is often a big mistake and does not look attractive at all. If you want to install a cabinet or table in the hallway it should not take too much space, you should use it just to hang up some basic things like keys or some pieces of paper. One part of the wall must be left empty if you want your home to look bigger.

Living room

The mirror is perfect for areas with a lack of light because it creates the impression of spaciousness. Designers reveal that most people place the mirrors and pictures too high on the wall. They should be set about 25 centimeters above the sofas, then high enough in order not to hit them with your head while sitting. Table should be a few inches shorter than the sitting sets. Leaveabout half a meter of space between the carpet and the table, and to get an impression of higher ceilings putsome log curtains that go all the way to the floor.

It’s a real shame to put a large rug when most of the space is occupied by the bed. People prefer to orient to small carpets that will allow them to stand on a soft and warm surface in the morning. If you have a headboard on the bed, make sure it is high enough so that you can lean on it. Bedside than that, tables should be coordinated with the bed. The night stands should be big enough for the lamp, newspapers, books and water. It is much better if the night standsare a little lower than the mattress because it is easier to leave and take things.

If you apply some of these things your home will look much better and more spacious. Learn how to combine colors and furniture and enjoy your new home.

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