How to Prepare Children’s Room for the First School Day

When the time comes when children begin to prepare for the first school day, make sure that everything in their room is organized in such a way as to meet their needs for the learning process that is ahead. It is best to involve the children themselves – so they will have the feeling that their place at home is really theirs and will be more responsive to the lessons and belongings in their room. Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room to help the child focus on lessons. Make sure you get in touch with us today.

A comfortable and functional learning corner

Creating a space in which the student can safely prepare their homework is absolutely essential. Currently, there is a wide variety of desks for the youngest, it is good to pick a fresh and cheerful solution together.


When organizing the space, make sure the desk is located next to the window to access natural light. Parallel placement is not appropriate because the sunlight will interfere with the eyes. The furniture is most optimally placed perpendicularly, as for the writers with the right hand the light should fall to the left. If your student is a left-handed person, turn the desk so that the writing area is illuminated to the right without the shadows getting on the moving hand.

Work lamp

In the winter, the days are short and it is very likely that the child will be working on his desk. Do not rely on the general lighting in the room. Provide a desk lamp or lamp near the desk. A good solution is to mount one side of the desk on a moving shoulder lamp. In this way, the light will not take up much space, and the light can be directed to the specific needs.

Sufficient storage space

With every passing year in school, the books and treasures that keep students increase. Children gather strange things, in many cases keep collections and trophies until they are finished, and some keep them in custody with their parents, even after they have already left their own home. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there are enough shelves and cabinets. Yes, even lockable drawers.

High-tech warehouse

It is a good idea to also provide a separate cabinet in which to store mainly technological gadgets and other more expensive items. So, the child, and you’ll be more relaxed that the technique stays in one place, instead of constantly searching the lost iPod, or the phone charger.

A retreat
Staying at school can be very burdensome. Getting up early, attending classes, writing homework, extracurricular activities… Let children’s everyday life not be limited to work endeavors. Everyone needs relaxation, including them. It is good to have a place to think about their privacy and feel comfortable there while listening to music, reading a book, writing messages on your phone, or just sleeping.

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