Inspiring Ideas for a Smaller Kitchen

Designing the kitchen can sometimes be the most daunting room in the home when it comes to choosing your décor. There are lots of different elements to consider when designing your kitchen, from layout to appliances and so on. You often find that smaller kitchens are actually more of a productive workspace than larger ones, as long as you have the correct equipment needed to be as productive as possible. With smaller kitchen spaces, keeping organised and tidy is key, and here are a few ideas on how you can create the perfect space for both productivity and practicality.

One of the first things to consider when designing a smaller kitchen is the layout. Your layout needs to work well for you, being both practical and stylish, and this is important as your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, therefore needing to be suited to the rest of your interiors and in touch with your personal style. Decide how you wish to use your kitchen, whether you’re going to need worktops with dining space, or you can include a separate section for this, as these different elements will result in how much you can enjoy your kitchen and make the most of it. To create a spacious feel to your kitchen, adding colours such as white and beige will work really well. It’s not always easy to create a spacious feel or look to a smaller space, however brighter, white paint can really help to highlight the corners of the room and lift the whole area. White is the perfect colour for opening up spaces, and partnered with some suitable lighting, will really help to create a spacious, fresh and airy feel to your kitchen.

Kitchens can become very cluttered and messy in the space of a few hours, and as a result of this, rooms can often seem smaller and cramped due to the build-up. Designing your kitchen to have a substantial amount of storage will really help, especially when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. Storage can be found in so many different shapes and sizes, as well as personally built and fitted to suit your kitchens shape. When it comes to the storage used in your kitchen, you can be so adventurous, for example adding features such as a mechanical bin inside a cupboard, different sections for specific items and even using empty space to add shelving units will make a huge difference to the rooms overall look and feel, as well as providing your kitchen with essential storage space.

Worktops are really important in any kitchen, as this is where all of the food prep is done. You often find in smaller kitchens that one of the first things to be sacrificed is the amount of worktop space available. This doesn’t have to be the case however, as you can always utilise the space you have to provide your kitchen with a substantial amount of worktop space. Whether you get yourself some additional units to add to your kitchen, or your looking at new, cheap kitchens, if you use the space carefully and wisely then the units can work really well together in creating a really functional layout that will provide you with the perfect amount of worktop space. You can even look at adding your dishwasher, cooker or washing machine into units themselves, so that you can add some additional worktop space above them too.

Dining spaces can often be something that are missed out when it comes to designing your kitchen, usually due to lack of space. There are however, great ways in which you can add dining space to your kitchen without using up too much room. Dependant on your kitchen layout, adding a small table with two dining chairs is ideal for providing yourself with a space to dine, without taking up much of the kitchen or creating a crowded feel. Similarly, you may be able to add a small dining area to your workspace. Adding two bar stools to an area of your kitchen will create an instant breakfast bar like space, using the worktop for the table without taking too much room up for the seating area.

Keeping your kitchens style simple and chic will create a feel that is fresh, stylish and open. If you opt for dark, dull colours then your room may begin to feel smaller due to the heaviness of the décor. Keeping in check with your bright décor, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your appliances and accessories. How you finish your kitchens décor will really add to the overall feel and be the main factor in how the room looks. Introducing smaller appliances that fit neatly onto your worktops will prevent the kitchen seeming overcrowded and busy. The main aim is to stick to an open, fresh feel, so the smaller features the better. There is however one large feature that always works well in a smaller kitchen, and that is artwork. Artwork always adds bursts of character and style to any room and it’s the perfect way of expressing your personal style. Larger pieces of artwork will eliminate the blank wall space and create an interesting focus point, which ultimately makes a room feel larger and open. You could also look to introducing some personal touches such as family photographs, as this will really add to your homes personal style.

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