Steps in the process of buying and selling real estate

The seller starts the process of buying and selling real estate advertising, and customer searches for those ads. Then vendor must show the property to potential buyers, and the buyers walks around the property and collects detailed information on those that interest them. When the seller and the buyer agree on the price and other terms of sale, they sign a pre-contract and the buyer makes a down payment. Then vendor evict the property and completes the documentation. For the day of signing the contract, in practice, there is a very precise procedure that is finished when all the process ends.


Whether you want to sell or buy a property, while seeking a buyer or apartment that suits you, you can apply to real estate agency, and they will help you to do both. Sellers can be found in numerous newspapers specializing in advertising, ad sections of daily newspapers, and web sites specializing in real estate, which can be free to publish the ad. Customers except for search ads, can give their own ad with a description of the apartment as requested, although it rarely happens.

Watching or showing the property

Sellers should be prepared to answer the questions of potential buyers. It is important to know details about the property (the preparation of all documents you have: from the cadaster, purchase agreement, inheritance decision, contract to purchase the apartment …), the property, renovation and expansion possibilities, neighbors, the area where the property is located and, of course, price visit

The buyer should know:

Who is actually the owner and, if there is more people that you will have to talk with each separately and negotiate or will they give power of attorney to one person;

Whether the property is registered in the cadaster

Whether it is mortgaged and whether it is the subject of litigation;

Who lived in the apartment and when will theymove;

Are there unpaid bills for electricity, utilities and taxes and whether the vendor will be able to reconcile them by the signing of the contract?

Ask for photocopies of all documents that shows you the seller and give them to a lawyer to interpret them.

If everything is OK, you can view the apartment. Is it leaking? Is everything okay with installations? The answers to these questions depend on how much money you’ll need to invest to turn the property in a usable condition, except that some of these problems may prove to be practically impossible to solve.

If you think that you found the right place for you, have a conversation with the owner and ask if the walls and floors are good. Ask if the installation is good, heating, water and everything that is important. If there are some problems, consider if it is a good idea to buy the place. is a real estate company that provides services related to the real estate industry.

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