The Installation Process of Master Locking System

For office and workspaces, you need a master locking system to protect your property. You have hundreds of individuals working in your company, so, protection of the premises, the workstations, and the equipment is a lot more important for you. In this context you need a locking system that’s unique and only you or the people you trust can lock and unlock it. This is the reason why master locking system becomes highly important for you.

The Installation process

Installing a master locking system is not similar to traditional locking systems. There are quite a few processes involved in it. For instance, if you decided to install a system at your office, you’ll describe the level of security and the number of unlocking mechanisms to the locksmith company.

  • They’ll study the area and the places that need security and protection.
  • They have a well trained staff to design a complex mechanism of locks. The design is proposed to the experts before they present it to you.
  • These experts then find out the weaknesses and revise the design, or approve it for further process.
  • After the approval, the costing department will calculate the amount to be incurred on the whole project then the idea will be forwarded for you to finalize.
  • The representative from the Mississauga locksmith company will present the mechanism and take you through all the important parts of the mechanism. After getting approval from you, the project will be started.
  • To simplify the whole process, will make a schedule for different locksmiths who’ll work simultaneously in installing the system.
  • While the system will be prepared within the company-owned workshop, installation requires some preps which will be taken care of by the expert locksmiths.
  • As they have different capabilities and qualifications, the locksmith service in Mississauga will utilize them on different occasions when needed.
  • It may take a while since the system is unique and will go through a number of tests. In order to maximize the security, these locks will be tested with different tools and they have to pass all tests. If, at any stage, the mechanism or the component of it fails any test, the whole process will be revised and rechecked for improvement.
  • As soon as the level of security is determined and after getting clearance from the quality department, the master locking system will be ready to install at your company.
  • The locksmith company will then install the system, as soon as the preparations are completed. The whole place will be secured and the staff will be restricted to access.
  • After installation, the whole system will be tested twice or thrice. In case of any weakness, the issues will be removed then and there.
  • After given clearance, the company will then hand over the keys and describe the processes in detail.
  • The locksmith company will also provide real time maintenance and 24/7 assistance, just in case of any emergency or mishap in the system.

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