Three Things You Need For a Trendy Kitchen

Not all kitchens are equal. Some kitchen are hectic places where nothing seems to go smoothly. Maybe you feel like your stove is just not in the right place, or your cupboards are too high up and you have to use a step stool to get to them. Maybe your kitchen area is just too cluttered.

Your kitchen should be a place you can enjoy being in. Someplace with room for more than one person, someplace organized and relaxing. The current trends for kitchen spaces actually lend a hand to this relaxing environment. If it’s time to remodel your kitchen, keep these trendy ideas in mind.

It’s all about the Islands

If you’re not used to having an island in your kitchen, you may think that it is something that just gets in the way. However, islands really do add space to the kitchen, depending on what island you opt for, that is. Don’t just go for the plain old table, but something that serves a purpose.


Island come in many styles. You can get cooktop islands, islands with sinks, and even islands that serve their main purpose as a place of storage so you can have less cupboards up above. One of the best things about islands- more space. You get more space for prep, which is great for someone with too many gadgets covering their regular counter space.

An Open Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Open kitchen designs also offer more space to get the cooking done. Have you ever stepped into a closed kitchen area and just felt trapped? There’s no room to move, you can’t have more than one cook in the kitchen, and it just has no flow. An open kitchen design not only gives that flow back, but it may open you up to more creativity in the kitchen.

Think feng shui

This open kitchen floor plan also allows you to be one with your guests while you are cooking. You don’t have to feel like you are hiding from the people you are serving.

Go for Minimal

Islands and open floor plans both help you to adopt a more minimalistic layout in your kitchen. There is more room to move and more space to store items so you counters don’t need to be cluttered. Take a moment to look at your kitchen gadgets and determine what you use, what you don’t and what could serve multipurposes so you that you can cut back on the items in your kitchen too.

Going minimal can also mean looking into better cookware. You don’t need a lot of items in your kitchen if you have a few good ones that can be used for different purposes.

Having a trendy kitchen isn’t just about being in style, it’s about having a kitchen that lets you feel creative and comfortable and looks inviting. You’ll be happier when it’s time to cook meals if your kitchen is open and organized.

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