Top 3 Ways to Make Impure Water Drinkable on Adventure Trip

So, you’ve planned on going out hiking or camping with your family. Have you put essential equipment in your bag pack? Have you considered about the water purifier? If not, you might be making a big mistake. Why? Because, any trip, such as hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, picnic or likewise, requires you to have excessive water. If your supplies fell short, or you’ve made up your mind to rely on rivers and streams, how can you ascertain that the water will be safe for health?

Everyone knows that increasing population and industrialization adds up to pollution. Even air is not safe on some places. Water has a tendency to absorb many things including chemicals. It is a home to billions of bacteria and virus. Flowing water is fresh but it has certain impurities that require filtering.

Water from the river may be safe, but you cannot guarantee whether it’s free from micro-organisms that are not good for health. Therefore, you need to use water softeners to prevent bacteria and parasites and prevent disease threats. You can also buy water softeners to purify the tap water for extra safety of your family.

Anyhow, this post concerns with the ways to purify water, so that you and your kids can drink it without any fear.

  1. Use Purification Pumps

Purification pumps are generally available in the market. They’re made for the tourists so that they can utilize the water available in their surrounding and make it drinkable without any difficulty. The process is time saving. It always comes handy when your water reservoir is about to finish and you find a fresh water stream nearby on your adventure trip.

Purification pumps have water filters that take in dirty water and release drinking water. Purification pumps follow the principle of squeezing water through charcoal filter or ceramic filter. The filtered water is then treated with chemicals to make it safe for drinking.

  1. Boil It!

If you have a luxury of fire and wood, you can always get back to the oldest and purest method to remove bacteria and dirt off the water, known as Boiling. The process is quite simple,

  • Find some water and pour it in a container
  • Burn the wood and put the container on fire
  • Wait until the water starts to boil
  • Allow the water to boil for about 5 to 10 minutes, making sure there’s nothing harmful left in it,
  • Filter the water using a piece of fine and clean cloth
  1. Keep Purification Tablets

Another way to purify dirty and stagnant water is by means of purification pills. You can also use purification drops instead. They are inexpensive, but they may not give the exact taste. However, you would care if you’re too thirsty. All you need is water to lubricate your body parts.

Common elements used in purification drops or tablets include iodine, chlorine and potassium permanganate. Put the tablet in contaminated water and wait for about 20 minutes. Then you can mix some powdered mixes to reduce the sour taste.

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