Top tips for fixing scratches on a wood floor

A wooden floor can be an attractive and practical feature for your home but you need to make sure that the floor is well maintained. Repairing any scratches that appear is one aspect of wood floor maintenance that you may have to deal with on a regular basis. If you are dealing with a significant level of damage to the floor it’s a good idea to speak to a floor sanding and polishing expert who can resolve the problem for you. If there are minor scratcheson the wooden floors in your home you may want to try and deal with them yourself.

We are going to take a look at some simple methods you can employ if you are trying to rid your floor of minor scratches and abrasions. Hopefully they will help you restore the wood floors in your home to pristine condition.

Dealing with superficial scratches

If you are dealing with a superficial scratch which does not penetrate any further than the protective surface of your wood floor you should be able to fix it with just a little effort. The first thing you need to do is make sure the area of affected floor is clean,

You should use some hardwood floor cleaner and a soft clean cloth, to remove any dust and dirt from the area. If you do not ensure that any dust is removed it may become trapped when you repair the protective surface. Once the cleaning is complete you should rinse the area with a soft damp cloth. You then need to leave the floor to dry.

As soon as the floor is completely dry you can start the next step of the process. You only need to fill the scratch with a very thin layer of wood protector so you should use a thin tipped brush to carry out the task. It’s a good idea to use the same type of protector that is already in use on the floor. If you need any assistance with the task, or you have any doubts, just pick up the telephone and speak to a professional.

Sanding a scratch on a wood floor

If you have a minor scratch on a wood floor in your home you may want to try sanding as a method of removal. You first need to follow the same steps as we covered under dealing with a superficial scratch. This means that you need to clean and rinse the affected area then leave it to dry.

Once you have done this you should gently rub the scratch with some fine steel wool. Continue gently rubbing until the scratch is blended with the surrounding area. The final step of this method of scratch removal is to use a wood wax stick and rub it over the scratch. Once you have filled the scratch with the wax you need to leave it to dry for around ten minutes before rubbing it over with a clean dry cloth and buffing it.

The methods we have mentioned should be useful in helping you remove fairly shallow scratches from a wooden floor. If you encounter any problems then do not be afraid to seek expert assistance.