What pipes and cables could be under your yard?

If you are going to undertake a digging project in your yard it may be tempting to just get right on with it. The problem with not doing sufficient planning for the project is that you do not know what issues you may encounter. You want your project to run according to plan and being well prepared helps to make this happen.

One of the biggest issues you may encounter if you are digging in your yard is utility cables running under then ground. In this article we are going to take a look at which types of pipe and cable you may encounter, what problems this can cause and how you can avoid the issue.

What types of pipe and cable may be under your yard?

You should never convince yourself that utility pipes and cables will be situated lower than you are digging; this may not be the case. There are several types of pipe and cable you are at risk of hitting, including those carrying electricity, gas and water.

If you hit an electricity cable you are risk of electrocuting yourself. You also stand a good chance of cutting off the electricity supply for the neighbourhood which would not be very popular.

If you hit a gas pipe while you are digging gas could start leaking. This is a very dangerous situation and you should get as far away from the gas pipe as you can before calling the utility emergency services. You should never use a smartphone where there is a gas leak as it may spark an explosion.

If you hit a water pipe you are likely to be faced with a significant flood of water. This is not something you want to encounter as it is inconvenient and costly.

How can you avoid striking a pipe or cable?

As you can see, striking a pipe or cable while digging in your yard is not the ideal situation. If you want to stop this from happening you need to know what is underground before you start digging. In order to find this out you should speak to professionals like One Search Locators. They will locate the utility pipes and cables that are under your property and map them for you.

If you have this work carried out before you start digging you are not at risk of encountering problems after you start. This can save you a lot of inconvenience and expense.

You may be surprised at just how many different pipes and cables are located under your property. It’s not worth taking a chance and just digging without having any prior planning in place. If you do this you run the risk of hitting a pipe or cable and causing injury to yourself, damage, or both. The best idea is to make sure that you have utility mapping carried out before you start any work. That way you have complete peace of mind.