What You Should Know: How to Select the Perfect Water Tank for your Needs

A water tank is, for the most part, utilized as an underground wastewater treatment especially in places that are at a great distance from the municipal wastewater systems, or mainly for storing water. And because there are various uses for water tanks, it’s of the utmost importance to have the right water tank for that certain application.

When looking for the right tank, there are a few things that you need to consider, things that will help you get the most out of your water tank. Sure, it might be easier to purchase the most inexpensive water tank that you can search for, but by doing so, you’ll end up spending more money over time.

For a little help, check the guide below on how to select the right water tank for your needs.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re planning on buying a water tank, keep in mind that there are, for the most part, two main options. The underground storage and the aboveground storage. The underground or below ground storage tanks, designed for below ground use only, are used for storing wastewater, potable drinking water, and rainwater collection.

On the other hand, the aboveground storage water tanks usually arrive in two main styles. The black tank and the white tank. The difference between these two above ground storage tanks styles is that the black one can take in heat much better compared to the white tank.

As such, it can aid you to put an end to the development and growth of any waterborne organisms such as algae. In general, the aboveground water tanks are round and smooth. To guide you in deciding whether above ground storage and below ground storage, you must know how much available space you have, the weather, the surrounding environment, the repair and maintenance cost, as well as the installation process.

Consider Buying a “Bury” or Cistern Tank

These water storage tanks are not smooth and are rectangular. They usually have a ribbed body construction, making them more solid and durable than the above ground water tanks. You can also opt to bury the tank for water storage below ground.

Keep in mind that if you bury a water tank designed for the above ground use only, it will crash and fall apart,  and most likely explode. Therefore, if you prefer to bury your tanks to either lessen their height or want them to remain unseen, it’d be best to go for a cistern or “bury” tank.

You can store potable drinking water in these tanks. You can also repeatedly fill and empty the Cistern tank without worrying about the sidewall strength. On the other hand, you can use these tanks for catching and storing rainwater as well. You can buy this type of water tank in any online stores such as G Store.

Choose the Right Water Tank for your Transportation Mode

When it comes to transporting water through a pickup truck, keep in mind that there are water tanks designed explicitly to suit in the truck bed. Be sure to place these tanks properly. Ensure that the rear end of the water tank will stay put on the bed of the truck and the upper part of the water tank sits above or on the underside of the truck bed.

But, if you need to have a large-scale capacity tank to carry water in and if you’d want to transport it through a trailer truck, then Elliptical Tank would be the best option. The Elliptical Tank’s gallon capacity is much larger than a pickup water tank.

Plus, you can secure this type of water tank to a trailer truck with the help of the metal bands, intended to suit in grooves on the tank.

Go for a Septic Tank

If you need to have a wastewater system in your home, then go for a septic tank. It is somewhat similar to a cistern tank. However, they are often in a different shade, such as blue or yellow. Septic tanks usually arrive in a one or two-compartment design.

You can figure out the total number of sections that your septic tank needs, depending on where you live. And because we’re talking about septic tanks, its main function is for storing waste from your home’s plumbing and certainly not for storing potable drinking water.


When it comes to buying a water tank, you’ll need to consider a few things to get the right tank for the proper application. Keep in mind that there are various applications for water tanks, and thus, it’s of the utmost importance to learn what tank is ideal for this specific application. To know more, read the guide above.